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Bayou Bedlam, the contra dance weekend in Houston, Texas Bayou Bedlam, the contra dance weekend in Houston, Texas

Bayou Bedlam

Covid Policy & Recommendations

Policy and Procedure

Any person who wants to enter the dance hall must show proof of a recently taken negative Covid-19 test taken at an interval of every 24 hours.


1. Take a standard rapid test within 3 hours of when you want to enter the hall. The test results are good for 24 hours.

Every U.S. household may now order four additional free at-home COVID-⁠19 tests. Visit

  • If you first come Friday night, you test first on Friday night and then again on Saturday night. Not needed Sunday morning.
  • If you come first Saturday morning, your next test is Sunday morning.
  • If you come first Saturday night, you're good for Sunday.
  • If you come Friday night and don't come on Saturday, you need to test Sunday.

2. All you need to show us before you check in is the test strip showing a negative Covid-19 test result. You show it to the Bayou Bedlam volunteer at the Covid station and then dispose of the results strip in a dedicated receptacle. Then you check in, pay, etc.

3. If you have not tested, you should return to your car and test there. (Obviously we don't want an infected person inside the hall.)

4. If you don't have a test, there is a CVS nearby at the corner of Crosstimbers and I-45, and another at Crosstimbers and N. Shepherd. Bayou Bedlam does not provide any tests. You are responsible for obtaining and paying for your own tests.

5. You will not be allowed to enter the hall if you show a positive test.

6. You agree to email if you test positive for Covid-19 in the days after the dance so that we can notify the other attendees of a possible exposure. Your name will be kept strictly confidential.


Bayou Bedlam wants to provide a dance that is fun, avoids problems for others, and safe. We thus are requiring daily proof of negative Covid test as described above. We also urge all to get vaccinated and boosted. Masking at Bayou Bedlam is welcome.

To reduce the spread of Covid-19, we recommend the following:

Pre-dance masking
We want you to come dance with us. Please wear a mask when you're out and about during the week to ten days prior to Bayou Bedlam.
Pre-weekend testing
If at all possible, get a PCR test in the few days prior to your arrival. This is in addition to rapid daily tests as described above.
Self reporting / contact tracing

If you have symptoms or test positive in the week prior to the dance, do not come!

While at the dance, if you begin to have symptoms or test positive, please self-quarantine immediately!

Please send an email to the organizers ( as soon as you test positive so that may be shared anonymously with all attendees.

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